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Conservation education encompasses all activities of the Katala Foundation. We hope these efforts motivate the stakeholders and the general public and in particular our local partners to possess that sense of pride and responsibility to protect biodiversity in general. Afterall, we all share the earth to live!

Be informed on our approaches to Conservation Education. Read our publications and related articles.


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Get a copy of the book "Conservation Studies on Palawan Biodiversity"









Conservation Studies on Palawan Biodiversity

ISBN 978-971-94296-0-9


Editors:        I. D. L. Widmann, P. Widmann, S. Schoppe, D. V.  van den Beukel and M. Espeso






2008 by the Katala Foundation, Inc.




8.5 x 11 inches


The first part of this book describes the results of the KFI’s Katala Quest expedition in Northern Palawan, Philippines. The quest won Silver Award from the British Petroleum (BP) Conservation Programme in 2003. The second part is a compilation of conservation studies and researches conducted in Palawan by KFI or in cooperation with KFI and local partners.


It is the intent of this publication to make available the findings of these researches to a wider audience to create awareness for and, if possible, to inspire more conservation projects for Palawan’s rich flora and fauna.


To know the selling cost and to obtain a copy of this book, please contact us.

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Listen to the campaign song of the Katala Foundation "Tahanan ng Katala"

    Title: Tahanan ng Katala
  Artist: Jeffrey Hidalgo
  Composer: Ito Rapadas
  Year launched: 2003

Description: “Tahanan ng Katala” or “Home of the Philippine cockatoo” is an official education campaign song of the Katala Foundation in the Philippines with message of encouragement on conservation and protection of the critically endangered Philippine cockatoo from extinction. This song was launched in the year 2003 by the Katala Foundation, Inc. in partnership with RGMA DYSP Super Radyo in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Download "Tahanan ng Katala" lyrics.

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Press Releases and News Articles

11 August 2022 Hope fledges successfully from Katala Institute in Narra
03 September 2020 Pressure on the Philippine Forest Turtle continues
07 August 2020 "Gold" successfully breeds after four years
28 June 2020 Meet the Filipino Wildlife Conservationist who is saving a fast vanishing cockatoo
21 June 2020 Flight of the Philippine Cockatoo
14 February 2020 Katala reaches out to PDLs and IPs on World Pangolin Day
03 December 2019 Cockatoos released in Dumaran Island to help solve low recruitment
November 2018 Peter Widmann bestowed Cross of the Order of Merit by Germany
14 November 2018 First-ever Kilit Festival launched in Coron, Palawan
12 November 2018 Katala shares conservation strategies with Hornbill Project in Sabah
05 November 2018 UK Training boosts Katala Pride Campaign
03 October 2018 Dr. Peter and Indira Widmann receive the North of England Zoological Society's highest award
16 July 2018 First-ever critically endangered Palawan forest turtle hatched under human care
April 2018 Scaling up Palawan pangolin conservation - Developing the first national conservation strategy for the species
17 April 2018 Conservation Groups unite to save the endangered Palawan pangolin
30 March 2018 Empowering women and inmates: Sewing for a cause
09 March 2018 Katala Foundation holds first Katala Festival in Puerto Princesa City
03 February 2018 Katala Foundation conducts radio program "Katala at Kalikasan" at RGMA DYSP Super Radyo in Puerto Princesa City
01 October 2017 Read the updated KFI profile with new officers and trustees, projects and teams
20 June 2017 Katala Foundation, Inc. and LGU Narra have been awarded as Best Practices Champions under SEP Palawan
20 June 2017 Katala Foundation, Inc. receives Palawan Governor Jose Chavez Alvarez Award 2017
31 May 2017 Indira-Lacerna Widmann receives commendation from the Senate of the Philippines
23 May 2017 Indira-Lacerna Widmann's speech at the 2017 Whitley Award
19 May 2017 Indira-Lacerna Widmann receives the 2017 Whitley Award presented by HRH The Princess Royal
17 May 2017 Conservation Leader from the Philippines Wins 2017 Whitley Award
15 May 2017 Palawan Forest Turtle Gets a Safe Home
03 March 2017 Katala Celebrates World Wildlife Day
20 February 2017

Dumaran Youth celebrates Bakoko (Turtle) Day

18 February 2017 Students learn about Balintong: Celebrating the World Pangolin Day
14 February 2017

Palawan Forest Turtle / Philippine Pond Turtle placed Number 6 in the 2017 Love Species Campaign

27 January 2017

Seven Philippine Cockatoos freed in Dumaran Island Critical Habitat

October 2016 Philippine Cockatoo in the City: A call for more green spaces and an informed citizenry
15 June 2016 Dr. Sabine Schoppe, Winner of the 2015 Sabin Turtle Conservation Prize
23 May 2016 Rare records of Palawan wildlife highlight results of Rapid Biodiversity Assessment in IPPF
1 September 2015 Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program (PCCP) in Narra, Palawan bags 2015 Galing Pook Award
June 2015 The Philippine Cockatoo Festivals - Save the Katala, Tell the World!
June 2015 Honorable Mayor Lucena Demaala of Narra, Palawan Approved Municipal Resolution No. 2015-2501
02 February 2015 Peter and Indira Widmann, PCCP nominated under the new EAZA Species Champions Programme
11 September 2013 Demaala stands strong for Clean Energy
02 August 2013 Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Favors Cockatoos over Coal
18 June 2013 Palawan Town nixes DMCI-Proposed Coal Plant near Cockatoo Sanctuary
17 June 2013 Honorable Mayor Clarito Demaala of Narra, Palawan Approved Municipal Resolution No. 2013-1935
06 June 2013 Invest More in Clean Energy, PH Asked
06 June 2013 Philippine Cockatoo's Last Refuge in Peril
29 May 2013 Endangered cockatoo amid a storm
09 May 2013 Conservationists mount signature drive vs coal-fired power plant in Palawan
07 May 2013 Petitions against coal plant near Rasa Cockatoo Sanctuary mounts
April 2013 Narra celebrates earth day against proposed DMCI-coal power plant
February 2013 Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Endorses Coal-Fired Power Plant in Last Philippine Cockatoo Stronghold
November 2012 Wardens prepare for new challenges: Refresher Training Course for PCCP wardens and volunteers
July 2012 Puerto Princesa City adopts with pride the repatriated Palawan Forest Turtles
June 2012 Born to be wild – The Palawan Forest Turtle Siebenrockiella leytensis
10 June 2012 The Philippine Cockatoo Festivals - Biodiversity is Life: The Kalabukay and Katala Festivals
28 April 2012 Repatriated Philippine Forest Turtles Turned Over to Katala Foundation
October 2011 Narranians invest into the future
July 2011 Sa Balabac, Pagkakaisa, simula Na! (In Balabac, Unity has began)
19 July 2011 Katala Foundation bags the Governor's Award 2011
19 June 2011 The Philippine Cockatoo Festivals: Re-establishing our Connections with Nature!
13 June 2010 The Philippine Cockatoo Festivals- Celebrate, learn and have fun!
18 December 2009 Happy Christmas salu-salo concludes the Wildlife Wardens' Refresher Course
15 June 2009 Municipality of Narra champions fight against climate change- Mayor approves funding for the 3rd Katala Festival in Narra
5 June 2009 Katala Foundation: "The book is out!"
5 June 2009 Kalabukay Festival 2009 gears up to the challenges of global climate change
1 May 2009

Palawan endorses RP's Forest turtle study (PNA)

10 December 2008

Katala Foundation honors wildlife wardens and local partners on its 10th year anniversary of the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program

10 December 2008

Katala Foundation launches book on conservation studies in Palawan

09 November 2008

Philippine Department of Tourism promotes Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary in London

27 October 2008

Katala Foundation joins the Municipality of Narra in celebration of the Palay Festival

20 October 2008

Rasa Island joins as top birdwatching sites in the Philippines

14 September 2008

Habitat, Forest Destruction: Studies say Palawan animals’ extinction looms (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

01 September 2008

Katala Foundation co-hosts the 4th Philippine Bird Festival

29 August 2008

KFI Board Member joins the Darwin Scholarship Programme

15 June 2008

Cockatoo festivals in the spirit of fun and learning: The 2008 Kalabukay and Katala Festivals

14 February 2008

Oplan Malunggay Para kay Abukay

05 November 2007

Katala Foundation Convenes Cites Workshop - Strengthening our grip against illegal wildlife trade

02 November 2006

Learning the benefits of eating fruits: An exhibit on the ecology and conservation of seed dispersal

03 March 2006

Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary secures survival of the Philippine Cockatoo – President Arroyo signs Presidential Proclamation 1000

30 June 2005

Cockatoos Call from the Wild (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

05-11 August 2004

Katala Foundation holds Basic Acting and Theatre Workshop (The Palawan Times)

05-11 August 2004

Katala Foundation hosts radio program (The Palawan Times)

April 2004

LPAMC confiscates illegally cut trees (Narranian Times)

April 2004

Narra Youth Organization for Environmental Conservation (Narranian Times)

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Published Articles

Following are the published research articles of the Katala Foundation. If you wish to have a copy, please contact us.

Schoppe, Sabine & Miguelito Cervancia. 2009. Herpetological surveys along Pagdanan Range and Dumaran Island, northern Palawan, Philippines. Hamadryad Vol. 34, No. 1, Centre for Herpetology, Madras Crocodile Bank Trust.

Schoppe, Sabine, Indira D. L. Widmann, Peter Widmann & Siegfred Diaz. 2009. Erhaltung der Artenvielfalt für spätere Generationen - Fortschritt des Katala Institutes für Ökologie und Biodiversitätsschutz. ZGAP Mitteilungen 25. Jahrgang 2009.

Widmann, Peter, Indira D. L. Widmann, Siegfred H. Diaz, Deborah Villafuerte van den Beukel & Rommel Cruz , 2007. Potentials and limitations of community-based parrot conservation projects – the example of the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program. Proceedings of the 6th Parrot Convention September 2005, Tenerife, Spain.

Cruz, Rommel M., D. D. Villafuerte - van den Beukel, I. D. Lacerna-Widmann, S. Schoppe and P. Widmann. 2007. Wildlife Trade in Southern Palawan, Philippines. A research article presented during 16th Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines. In press

Villafuerte - van den Beukel, Deborah D., R. Cruz and P. Widmann. 2006. Trapping and Hunting of Wildlife in Rizal, Palawan, Philippines. A research article presented during 15th Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines. In press

Pain, D. J., T. L. F. Martins, M. Boussekey, S. H. Diaz, C. T. Downs, J. M. M. Ekstrom, S. Garnett, J. D. Gilardi, D. McNiven, P. Primot, S. Rouys, M. Saoumoé, C. T. Symes, S. A. Tamungang, J. Theuerkauf, D. D. Villafuerte, L. Verfailles, P. Widmann, I. D. Widmann. August 2006. Impact of protection on nest take and nesting success of parrots in Africa, Asia and Australasia. Animal Conservation Volume 9 Number 3. Blackwell Publishing.

Widmann, P., K. Lachenmaier, I. Widmann, S. Schoppe, R. Dumalag, J. Matillano, D. Villafuerte, S. Diaz and M. Cervancia. November 2004. Wirbeltiergemeinschaften in Rotsteißkakadu-Habitaten in Nord-Palawan. ZGAP (Zoologische Gesselschaft für Arten-und Populationsshutz e.V.) Mitteilungen. Duitsland.

Widmann, I.D., P. Widmann, R.M. Dumalag, S. Schoppe, J.D. Matillano, D. Villafuerte, S.H. Diaz, M. Cervancia & K. Lachenmaier 2004. Katala Quest – BP Expedition: Vertebrates survey in lowland forests in the Pagdanan Range, Palawan. A poster presented during 13th Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines, 20-23 April 2004, Assumption College, Antipolo, Philippines.

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Photo Gallery

Take a look at our activities. View our photo and video gallery.

Photo Gallery

Katala Festival 2012

Kalabukay Festival 2012

PCCP @ 10: The 10th year anniversary of the PCCP - 10 Dec. 2008

Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Programme (PCCP) Narra

Other projects


PCCP Dumaran

RARE Pride Campaign


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